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WELCOME to the Shark Research Institute (Australia)

About Us

This is not the global headquarters, for the Shark Research Institute web site. This is the site for the Shark Research Institute’s Australian shark investigators.

Our local charter, authorised by the S.R.I.:

To gather data for the global shark attack file that is maintained by the S.R.I. This data is used by researchers worldwide to identify factors which are conducive to, or may trigger shark attacks. Data is accessed by physicians to determine treatment protocols for shark attack victims. www.shark.org.au

What are the credentials of the S.R.I.

Recognised world wide as specialists.

Members include;

    • World recognised shark behavioural scientists
    • Forensic shark attack investigators
    • Orthopaedic surgeons
    • Forensic odontologists
    • Marine biologists
    • Technical writers and authors
    • Specialist police licensed investigators.
    • Shark researchers
    • Research and development electronic engineers
    • Field investigators in different countries including Australia

Wedding Flowers Melbourne Loves

Wedding Flowers Melbourne Loves

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The Best Place To Buy Comfort Shoes Online

The Best Place To Buy Comfort Shoes Online

Our store is the best place to buy comfort shoes online. It offers all kinds of comfortable shoes for men and women. Our selection of comfortable shoes for women includes sandals, espadrilles, flats, wedges, and sneakers. Our selection of comfortable shoes for men is also unsurpassed in its diversity. It includes all the most popular types of comfort shoes, including work loafers, tennis shoes, gym shoes, and fancy lace-ups. In this article, we are going to explain kitchewhy foot comfort is important and then will show you how to choose the most comfortable shoes.

Most shoes sold today are uncomfortable. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, that is one of the reasons 50 percent of Americans have a foot ailment. That is why it is important to find comfort shoes online. That would help you keep your feet healthy. Below we list some of the things that you can do to test the shoes as to whether they will keep your feet healthy and comfortable.

1 Examine the height of shoe’s heel. 
Most Homyped: comfort shoes online have low heels. That’s because the high heel exerts pressure on the front part of the foot.

2 Check the toe shape. 
Most comfortable shoes have the toe box with lots of room. This prevents constriction of the toes.

3 Press your finger into the ball area of the shoe. 
If it has a slightly padded feel, then the shoe is going to feel comfortable on your foot.

4 Avoid synthetics.
By avoiding synthetics you would be wearing shoes that are pliable and breathable. This would help avoid blistering and chafing. Instead of synthetics, wear natural leather.

5 Make sure the shoe holds your feet well.
This way you can avoid cuts on your heel and slippage.

In this article, we have given you a way to find the best comfort shoes online. Please share this article about comfort shoes online with your friends.